Abbreviation Decoder

Alphabet Soup Jargon is pretty common in Education. Sometimes I use abbreviations that I have to remind myself that normal people won't understand them. Below is a list of the abbreviations spelled out and explained for you. I'll add to the list as I need to.

ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder - a diagnosis that can hinder a child's ability to learn by affecting their concentration.

BD - Behavior Disorder - students who act out in class, causing a disruption and affecting their own learning

CIF - Classroom Instructional Framework - a method for filling out an agenda utilizing the modular agenda and scaffolding

CSIP - Comprehensive School Improvement Plan - an annually updated plan for ways to better a school; used district-wide

EBD - Emotional Behavior Disorder - a behavior issue that is linked to an emotional or mental cause

ECE - Exceptional Child Education - the new way to say Special Education or Special Needs; students that need some type of extra adaptations in order to learn

ELL - English Language Learner - a student who is not currently fluent in English and needs assistance

ESL - English as a Second Language - similar to ELL, but students can be at any level of fluency for English; some don't need any special assistance at all

G&T - Gifted and Talented - an actual specification that doesn't mean just "smart". This is for students who need adaptations because they are in the top 2% or above in intelligence. This is beyond regular "smart" or hard worker and into a diagnosis that brings its own issues to overcome

IEP - Individual(ized) Education(al) Plan/Program - measure put in place to assist students identified as ECE for any reason

ISAP - In-School Adjustment Program - it's like detention during the school day; a student is sent to a special ISAP room for inappropriate behavior at school

KTIP - Kentucky Teacher Internship Program - it's outlined in this post

LBD - Learning Behavior Disorder - a pretty wide range of disorders that can affect a student's ability to learn

NCLB - No Child Left Behind - often called Nickle-Bee by education professionals, it refers to an education act signed into law by George W. Bush; it requires a lot of testing

OHI - Other Health Impairment - a wide range of health issues that could cause a student to need assistance in the classroom for any health related reason

ORQ - Open Response Question - A catch-all use to refer to a district assessment that usually includes an Open Response Question and multiple choice questions

PD - Professional Development - continuing education credit hours required of all teachers through a school year; my district requires teachers to complete at least 24 hours every school year
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