Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Teacher Needs a Hobby: I'm Training for the 5K

I run. I don't always run far, but I run. I don't run against others or with a friend. I run to music. I run to stay sane. I run for my me time.

Every second of every day I am needed. I'm needed by my children. The boy is four now and the girl is 7 months. They need me when I'm home. I'm needed by my students. The school year is almost over and the impossible mission of turning them from froggy freshmen into prince-like sophomores is nearing its end. They need me for this daunting task. I'm needed by my coworkers. The audit two years ago left a massive void of veteran teachers that has been filled with newer teachers who need help and reassurance. It wasn't so long ago that I was in their shoes, but I'm there to fill the role of the veteran teacher with five years under my belt.

I'm needed. And being needed takes its toll. So I run.

Two years ago I ran a miniMarathon. It was a big achievement for me. I trained, but halfway through I sprained my ankle. I got up and continued running until I finished just over two and a half hours after I started.

Since then I've experienced a pregnancy that left me unable to exercise after going into preterm labor at 32 weeks. When my daughter was born at just over 38 weeks, I couldn't wait to get back to working out. I need to run. I need the release. I need that short reprieve without another human on me.

I started running again. It's slow going and painful at times, but I run. My goal is to get back to under 9 minute miles. My fastest so far is 9:47 per mile. Like I said, it's slow going, but I'm running. The weird thing about me is that I need a goal. I need a finish line. I have to have my end in mind or I get bored. I'll be participating in the virtual 5K run with some other bloggers. It helps keep me accountable for my running.

I need the motivation. Without the motivation, I wouldn't run. Without running, I'd probably just take up drinking instead. 

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