Friday, September 9, 2011

You Know You're a Teacher When...

Sorry for the lack of entries lately. With the start of the school year and beginning my second masters, I literally have not had time to update my blog. Since I have some time, I thought I'd give you a brief list of teacher quirks, or maybe they're just my teacher quirks.

1. You can go an entire work day without using the restroom and not realize it.
My students were always amazed by this when I was pregnant. Yes, I really only went to the bathroom during lunch. I couldn't just leave my kids and I didn't have enough time in between classes to waddle my pregnant self to the bathroom and back again. In my new room, I don't have access to an adult only bathroom and I'm not fighting students for a stall. So I just don't go.

2. You can drop a conversation with an adult and move straight into a correction before returning to your conversation.
"I know. It's so cold up here. I really need to get something to wear to keep warm UNLIKE THAT OUT OF DRESS CODE HOODIE THAT JOHNNY IS WEARING RIGHT NOW, because I just need to keep some layers here in my classroom." I swear, listening to teachers talk to each other during school is hilarious.

3. You can just drop a conversation with an adult, never pick it back up and no one thinks it's rude.
"Yeah, I'm thinking about going to the game..." and then I just turn around and follow some kid who needs something or is doing something wrong. Or both.

4. You stay after school on a Friday to make your Monday more manageable.
I'd rather sleep later on Monday than roll out early on a Friday. It's just what I do. I like to have a pleasant start to the week. If that means an hour after school on Friday, that's what it takes. And I have other teachers who stay there with me.

5. You call Thursday "Friday Eve" and wish people a "Happy Friday Eve!"
Teachers love weekends, too. Some students seem to think teachers enjoy waking up early and coming to work. Just because I like my job doesn't mean I don't want to lounge around on the couch every once in awhile. I'm not a robot.

6. When Friday finally comes, you take the last 2 minutes of every class to blare Rebecca Black's "Friday".
Your thoughts that I'm the most awesome teacher ever have just been confirmed. I started it as a joke, but the kids actually kind of like it. I'm afraid of the type of monsters I have created.

7. You keep an extra pair of shoes in your desk.
For days when the heels just have to come off.

8. You and your coworkers devise a series of themed dress days just to see if the students notice.
They don't, until two of you come in the same outfit on accident.

9. When you stay late, you aren't working. You're decompressing.
Sometimes you need to chill and talk to adults for longer than brief one minute periods. It's funny, time in class moves like molasses. Time after the last bell when you're talking with your friends moves at light speed. I think the kids feel the same way sometimes.

10. You actually laughed at any of the things on this list.
C'mon, at least torturing my students with "Friday" is funny, right?

What are your teaching or professional quirks?

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