Monday, May 23, 2011

Where is This Magical Three Months Off?

I'm just going to admit it. I partially got into teaching because of the schedule. I had this notion that teachers had three months off ever year. I thought teachers had the majority of the summer to themselves, especially once they'd been teaching and already had their room set up.

I have yet to have a solid three month vacation. That's mostly to do with the fact that, even without snow days, the summer would actually last two and a half months. You may be saying to yourself, two and a half months is a decent vacation. What are you complaining about? Well, you don't really get that entire two and a half months. Now, I will admit first off that I did part of this to myself. I signed up to teach summer school. However, summer school is only four days long and I'm teaching just one of those days.

So what am I doing the rest of the summer? I decided to take the plunge and become AP (Advanced Placement) certified. This is a week long course that I will take from June 20-24th. The week before that will be devoted to learning the new curriculum for English this coming school year. So far, from June 13th-June 24th, I'm working with just the weekend off in between. I also have a professional development for Freshman Academy on June 8th. And I'm teaching summer school on June 10th. My first week off with nothing to do begins on Saturday, June 25th. The last day of school is actually June 2nd.

And when does my summer end? July 28th. I have another Freshman Academy professional development that day. Beginning July 28th, I have to be at school every week until school actually begins. My summer lasts from June 25th until July 27th.

So much for that three months off, eh? At least I get a solid month to myself to recoup and get ready for next school year. I know that all of the meetings will be beneficial. It's just daunting when you look at it all at once.

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