Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vote for Beshear

The primaries are over. It may seem a bit early, as the actual election isn't until November, but baring any scandalous revelation, I'm throwing my endorsement into incumbent Steve Beshear's corner for Kentucky Governor. Who is the other guy? None other than David Williams. You may recall that I have mentioned him before. Williams went on record attacking the Jefferson County School Board and claiming that they are in the pocket of the local union.

Williams' recent take on the union and its supposed power in the legislation of education, as well as the implication that our school board is in some way owned or bought by an entity he sees as a bully, tell me that Williams does not have my best interests at heart. Before you discount this opinion, I'm going to do something I do not normally do, discuss my own political views. I am a registered, voting Republican. People are generally shocked when I reveal this bit of information. While I'm probably more likely to be considered a moderate, I'm still registered as a Republican. And this Republican? She's not voting for Williams.

I have no desire to land my own state in the same educational upheaval going on in states like Wisconsin and Indiana. I like having a union. I would hate to see Williams follow in the foot steps of other anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-urban area Republican governors like Indiana's Mitch Daniels or Wisconsin's Scott Walker. The actions of these other governors combined with William's statements leads me to infer that he is not the best choice for education, teachers and ultimately, students.

So this November, when you're in the voting booth, please remember Williams' stance on the teachers' union. Remember Wisconsin. Remember Indiana. Remember that that is not what we want for our state. Beshear may not be perfect, but he has not implied that he views my union as an overgrown schoolyard bully. Some people base their vote on health care, taxes or any other manner of important issues. I vote with education in mind. Williams made himself an enemy of teachers and hopefully he realizes his error.

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