Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Perfect Classroom

The way classrooms are set up bothers me. There are things I would change if I had an unlimited budget to help my kids. There's no reason for learning to be an odious activity. Creating a better environment would go a long way to helping that.

I hate overhead lighting. I'd get rid of the flourescent lights and bring in some lamps. I hate having all the lights on anyway. It just feels cold and stressful to have a room full of bland lights on all the time.

I hate desks. They are uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. I'd rather have tables. It'd make it easier for group work and students could feel more comfortable in the classroom.

I don't know about flooring. I hate the hard tiles that we have, but carpet presents it's own cleanliness problems. Despite how carpet keeps everything, I think I'd still rather have carpet to the hard floors we currently have. Hard floors can be murder on a teacher's poor back and legs.

I wish I had a corner with a comfortable chair and bookshelves. It'd make it easier for kids to take their time finding the best independent reading book.

I'd paint the walls. A mural would be perfect, but I'd settle for some color besides flaking cream. As some of my students have noted, the color scheme seems a bit like prison.

Classrooms should be warm and inviting. School shouldn't feel like a prison. Learning is not a punishment. Unfortunately, a lot of schools are stuck in the time period when they were built in terms of decor.

If only I could make the school budget.

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