Friday, May 20, 2011

I Survived the High School Drama!

We have a drama club at school. Only the club meets during school instead of after. So really, it's just drama class. Every year the put on plays that they have written. Today was the day for plays. One of my good friends is the drama teacher, so I, of course, took my fifth period. And it was so worth it.

The plays were hysterical, including a Saw spoof (with no blood, the student host was sure to tell us). The students were adorable and acted wonderfully. And my kids? My kids were awesome. My fifth period is my most rambunctious class. Before we left the room, I made sure to go over theatre etiquette with them. I told them there was no talking and no electronic devices. I told them that when the lights dimmed, that was their cue to get quiet and enjoy the show. As we went into the auditorium, one of my students looked at me, horror-stricken because "Oh no, Mrs. B! The lights are already dim! How will we know when to get quiet?!" I assured her that the host would probably tell us, which brought relief to her face. Throughout the plays, my students were precious little angels. I couldn't have asked for more.

As the plays drew to a close, we had about twenty minutes left over. My friend let us know the drama kids would be showing us some improvisation exercises. After a few scenes, my friend took the microphone and said "Now who would like to see Mrs. B take the stage?"

My perfect little angels turned into rabid fans at once. They screamed and hollered their approval as I trudged my way up to the stairs. I think they enjoyed watching me make a fool out of myself on stage! While I was up there, I looked out at the audience and realized something. Almost all of the students had been mine at one point. The majority of the students were sophomores and juniors, as my kids were the only freshmen present. Even the drama class was made out of a lot of familiar faces. Now I knew why it sounded so loud when my friend asked me to take the stage. All of those kids know me. And they apparently all like me, or at least like the idea of me making a fool of myself.

I like being a teacher.

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