Tuesday, May 3, 2011

High School Students Like Chores?

It's no surprise that after my injury in Saturday's race, I'm having difficulty moving around the classroom. I can't even wear my normal dress shoes to work because my foot and ankle are so swollen. I can walk, but it's slow and, frankly, a bit funny looking. I don't know if my students just love me, but I was surprised at how they rose to the challenge of helping their hobbled teacher.

"Can I pass out the papers for you?"

"I'm going to collect the books, Mrs. B."

"Do you need me to help you with that?"

"Here, use my arm to help get up the steps."

What absolute little angels! I was actually afraid that they'd make fun of me for walking around. In fact, I turned down an offer of crutches as I was afraid my students might find it highly comical to sabotage them in some way. Instead, my students seem to think I'm just a normal person who needs extra help right now.

I really shouldn't be surprised. When we have visitors, they hold doors for people. If someone in the hallway drops things, they converge on the person to help collect the items. They're good, helpful kids. Still, it's very nice and heartwarming to know that I can count on my students to help me when I need it.

The part that's surprised me the most is that they haven't asked for extra credit for their efforts. Normally, if I ask a favor, I'll get a "What's in it for me?" look. Not lately. That tells me that they feel that their actions are expected rather than above and beyond what they should be doing.

Or maybe they're just in an extra cheerful mood because we are off of school on Friday. We'll see how wonderful and kind they are after a couple weeks of this.

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