Friday, April 22, 2011

Turning Out the Classroom Lights for Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day. My kids reminded me of it because, as with every day that has some type of title, they felt today should be a day off of school. Some of them actually had good points about fuel emissions from buses and electricity to run schools, but the fact is turning schools off for one day just pushes that day to later in the future. However, they made their point and I was going to respect their wishes to try and save some energy today. So what did we do? We turned out the lights.

Surprisingly, this did not make everyone fall asleep. If anything, it calmed everyone down. We could still see thanks to the monstrous windows in my room and hallway lights. We completed everything in not so dark. The best part was reading from our novel, The Hunger Games. As our main character was basically camping at night, turning the lights out kind of set the mood for our story.

We may not have made a huge dent in creating a cleaner world, but several good things happened today. My students were aware of a world issue and we talked about it. We compromised on how schools could "celebrate" Earth Day. And best of all for this reading teacher, my kids had fun reading in a different type of environment.

Happy Earth Day! What did you do today?

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