Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Kids Need a Day Off

The kids need a day off. I know what you're thinking. I'm just asking for my own day off. After all, I'm their teacher, so I get the day off, too.  But no, the kids really, really need a day off. With the snow days and the way the schedule has worked, the students have attended ten full weeks without a single day off since Martin Luther King, Jr Day. That may not seem so bad to adults with full time jobs, but it's easy to forget that these kids are, well, kids.

In the last ten weeks, we have changed trimesters. We will have taken four ORQs, two Diagnostic and two Proficiency Assessments. We will have complete two six week district units. My students have written a monologue. My students have completed a public service announcement project using Power Point. We have interviewed to keep our jobs. We've found out the results of those interviews. Students have been upset to find out who is leaving. We've finished Romeo and Juliet. We have had basketball homecoming. We have had warm weather and cold weather, rain and glorious sunshine.

In short, it's been a long ten weeks. Our kids are exhausted. They need their time off. I can see their little motors running out. Their patience is running thin and they are just flat out tired.

I hope they can return from Spring Break with some renewed energy. We're almost to the home stretch. We're almost to summer. They just have to hold on a little longer.

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