Monday, March 7, 2011

Facing the Firing Squad

I did it. I survived. I interviewed to keep my job at my current school.

The morning started out awful. I couldn't sleep last night and woke up tired and groggy. I could barely finish my coffee or cereal. My stomach was in knots. I kept counting down the time until my interview. I drove to work, feeling a bit terrified. After I arrived, I went to my morning duty to help keep track of the children in school before classes began. As I stood at my duty, several of my students sought me out to wish me good luck and give me hugs. When the bell rang and I could go to my room, I found a group of students waiting for me with a handmade good luck card. More hugs. More wishes of luck.

I've really let my heart hang on my sleeve these last few months. I've been strong and tried not to get upset in front of my kids, but I've not hidden anything from them either. Despite my best efforts to hide how scared I was, they knew. And they came to comfort me. I would have been fine walking into my interview before that, but I had to blink away tears as the time for my interview approached.

I went first and was able to go in a couple minutes early to get started. I was greeted by my current principal, the future principal, an assistant principal and two union representatives. The new principal was very nice and smiled and nodded through my interview. I had to answer three questions in ten minutes. When it took me over five minutes to finish the first answer, my current principal chuckled and said "Are you sure you didn't leave anything out now?" We all had a bit of a laugh and continued with the interview. I only went a couple minutes over my allotted time. It was a good thing I got started early!

After the interview, I got some coffee and waited for my two team members who went right after me. We all were a bit relieved to have the interview finished. Now we play the waiting game. Now, I get to watch for my mailman on Saturday and pray that he doesn't knock on my door with a certified letter.

One way or another, I'll know this weekend. One way or another, this thing will be finished. We can all go back to our normal lives after this, whatever that may be.

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  1. Quality teachers, like yourself, shouldn't have to go through something like this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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