Monday, March 28, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Other schools are apparently being audited this year. It hasn't been released in the media, so I don't have a list of the schools yet. I was under the impression that it was the ten worst performing schools every year, but perhaps more need to be added. I found out about the new audits this morning. When did the involved staffs find out? Friday. As in March 25th, three days ago. When is their audit? April 10th. As in the Monday after Spring Break, which is two weeks from today.

I'm just gob smacked by this. I wish I could muster up some feelings of surprise, but this process hasn't been exactly logical. I'm trying to figure out how the schools involved will be able to prepare for this in such a short amount of time. We had months, and even then we were scrambling. It's not a question of preparing the building or extending the appropriate bribes to certain children. No, we didn't prepare in that sense. The preparations were in the mountains and mountains of data we had to compile for this process.

An entire week's worth of lessons for every single curriculum and grade in the building with student samples and analysis were actually thrown at us last minute. The gigantic binder I had to put together took much more forethought than two weeks would allow. It required student work as well. I have this insane habit of actually giving my students back their work, so getting samples of their ORQs and daily assignments needed some warning. You also need a log of every single parent contact you've made the entire year and student work samples for every assessment for the year so far. How many of those teachers have samples from September? We knew we had to save our work. Those teachers? Probably not.

And the timing is absolutely atrocious. Portfolios and CATS testing will be the main focus at most of the schools. I can't even fathom trying to mentally prepare for the audit and worrying about the testing of my students. On the bright side, you'd know that those scores wouldn't get you audited the following year!

I feel for the teachers at these soon to be audited schools. They don't deserve it. None of us have deserved it. I'm sure they'll hear the same things we heard. It's just such a punch in the gut to get this news this late in the school year.

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