Monday, February 14, 2011

Teachers Working Out: Day One

Well, I did it. I survived the first day of the Insanity Workout. Teachers were not the only ones there! We were joined by our school's dance team as well. Overall, it was a great workout. We ran, jumped and did sports drills with the kids. The guy leading the workout wasn't lying. We were indeed working out in a pool of our own sweat!

Today was a good day and I'm really glad that I signed up for that workout. I won't do it every day, as I'm training for a mini marathon and really need to run a bit. However, it was nice to do something not school related with my coworkers. So much of the time I spend with my fellow teachers is devoted to dealing with school or student issues. Like my students, it's easy to forget that teachers are humans, too. We do human things. We work out! We eat! We sleep! We have families!

I knew I wanted to be a teacher from an early age, but that didn't stop me from seeing my teachers as just teachers. Teachers are humans. In that forty minutes of undiluted hell that was the Insanity workout, I saw my coworkers take breaks and even stumble as we worked out. We're human. We make mistakes. It's easy to forget that it's okay to be imperfect.

So much of teaching seems to be held to an impossible standard. Did you know that teachers are expected to have all students proficient by 2014? Perfection. That's what's expected from teachers. Perfection at every turn. For today, I remembered that it was okay to fall. It's okay to modify. It's okay to struggle. It's okay to be imperfect. It doesn't mean that you don't strive to be the best. It just means you won't see failure as a reason to quit and give up altogether.

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