Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Losing My Principal to the Audits

It's official. The results of the audit have been released. Our principal called a meeting so we could hear the results from him and the rest of the administration rather than the news.

The results were mostly ridiculous and at worst contradictory. There are seventy three pages worth of absolutely ludicrous claims of the failure of our school. Inadequate leadership. Teachers not maximizing technology. Students do not understand what proficient means. They made their minds up before they every came into our school. The reality of that is just now becoming clear.

The ugly tears from after the audit debriefing meeting returned. This time, there were no strangers in the room. No auditors to belittle us. No head auditor to look smug as she joked about us clearly putting on a show since our students could never behave that well on their own without a bribe. It was just us. And I cried.

Our principal has dedicated nearly his entire adult life to our school. Our culture is formed from him, the culture the auditors praised. They chose to replace him. He told us the news and held his head high. He promised to be there for us until they made him leave. We gave him a standing ovation. That was when the tears started to flow. The affect this will have on our students will come later, but for now I saw a man who was slapped in the face and denied the dignity of resigning in his own time. As he looked at his entire faculty standing and clapping for him, he finally let the tough exterior he's held for us falter slightly. He was clearly touched. I'm glad he knows how much he means to us.

This is the man that hired me. He hired my friends. I walked into his office as a first year teacher and told him about my pregnancy, which he celebrated with me. He was my first real boss. And they're taking him from us. They're taking him from our students. Our students can say that they dislike him all they want, but deep down they don't. The news broke sometime in fourth period, and our students found out. The majority of my students were upset. "So he won't be at our graduation?" No. He won't. It's not the man the kids dislike, it's the fact that he has had the audacity to hold them to high expectations. Deep down, they love him the same way they love me. Our school needs him. I don't know what we'll be without him.

In addition to losing our principal, they are disbanding our Site-Based Decision Making Council and we will begin the process of reinterviewing for our jobs. Even if I'm lucky enough to keep my job, I'm going to lose some of my friends. I've never wanted a school year to end as much as I want this one to end.

To read the article from the local paper, go here:


  1. I'm so terribly sorry. He sounds like a wonderful man. What an enormous, heart-wrenching mess.

  2. I am so so sorry this is all happening. It's such a mess. Thank you for hanging in and continuing to provide your students with the education they deserve.


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