Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cracking the Whip

I apologize for my recent absence from the blogosphere. I was battling quite the stomach bug, but I'm feeling much better now. I was so sick that I had to call in on Monday. It wasn't until today that I realized the gravity of my call.

Yesterday? Yesterday was the day after the Super Bowl. Even teachers like football. I was far from the only call in to our building yesterday and it showed in my students' work. I was one of sixteen teachers that called in a substitute. Only there were only ten substitutes in building as we were probably sixteen of hundreds who called in across the building. Since I have first period planning, even if one of the ten subs had been assigned to me, they were pulled from my room to be used for another classroom occupied by children during first period.

So who watched my class? Poor teachers who happened to have a planning period during a time when they could watch my kids. Half a dozen different people watched my four classes. And my kids? My kids thought that meant it was a free day. Not only that, the man, who was a sub being pulled from another classroom, who watched my class during third period told my kids I had partied too hard for the Super Bowl and that's why I called in. To say that I wasn't happy with him is an understatement as both my son and I spent most of the weekend unable to eat.

I was upset. I was distraught. My kids had never been this bad before. We needed vocabulary for the week. Instead of Romeo & Juliet words, they were treated to behavior based words. They were also to write a journal prompt about appropriate behavior in a classroom while a sub is in the room. And the worst kids? The ones who had their names written down for being so awful to the teachers who watched them? They wrote apology letters to those teachers, who I called down to my room and delivered the letters to during that period.

I have never once wanted to go home from being a teacher, but today I did. What a mess to come back to after being sick. We used it as a teaching experience. Some hard lessons were learned, namely that there are consequences for your actions even when your teacher is not there. They will do better the next time there's a substitute in my room.

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  1. i had it too! i had to call in friday, which was the day after my brand new disastrous "peer" evaluation. didn't that look great? you know, it's getting to the point where i no longer care about such things. how much can one take, after all, and not go nuts?


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