Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being a Teacher is Like Glee, Right?

I am a Gleek. I watch Glee. I love Glee. Half of watching Glee is suspending disbelief enough to sit back and enjoy the show. Glee? Glee is nothing like real school. Sorry.

I spend most of the show wondering how Will Schuester teaches or how he somehow always manages to abandon his classes at the drop of a hat. Mr. Schue never seems to plan lessons or grade papers. I know that one could argue the show isn't about teaching, it's about the glee club at a school. However, the show is less about the glee club and more like ridiculous drama interspersed with copious amounts of over autotuned pop singles. I think we could maybe see Mr. Schue grading some quizzes in there or pretending that he teaches in some other capacity besides glee club.

Let's not forget Sue Sylvester. I've lost count of how many times she'd be fired. I'm still trying to figure out what else she actually does. Every coach at my school works for the school in some other capacity. Most of them are teachers. Sue? Sue could never be a teacher. Ever. You don't become a teacher because you hate other people.

Despite the shortcomings of the show, I watch it religiously. It must be similar to doctors watching Grey's Anatomy, lawyers watching Law & Order or physicists watching The Big Bang Theory. You laugh when you can relate, shake your head at the ridiculous parts and hang on for the entertaining parts. For instance, this week I got to laugh along as the boys of Glee donned Justin Bieber hair and clothes. See, most of my boys claim to hate Justin Bieber, but they all dress and keep their hair just like the Biebs. Watching the guys parade around in their Justin attire had me laughing hysterically as most of my boy students do that hair flip the entire time they are talking. Since tomorrow is Celebrity Day for homecoming week, I wonder how many Biebers we'll see.

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