Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Results of the Audit from December

The audit has already taken place at three other "low-performing" schools in our district. Fairdale, Seneca and Doss were audited in December. Following the release of the results, the school board voted on the action to take for these struggling schools. In a five to two vote, the board voted against performance based pay and chose restaffing the schools. This was after ruling out two of the four options given to audited schools. The other two options, which were immediately rejected, were to close down the schools or restart them as charter programs.

Here is a link to the story in our local paper: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/2011301240049

Despite the option stating that half of the staff could be replaced, the board and superintendent feel it would be more like ten percent at each school.

If this option is chosen for our school and the same ten percent is given, that would be eight teachers. This is a good thing for our school. Just replacing eight teachers would mean that we could still keep our school culture. More than eight teachers transfered out last year anyway, so hopefully everyone who would go would want to go.

My series Inside the Audit will continue later today after the school day is complete.

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