Sunday, January 23, 2011

Isn't It What You Do Already?

A visual representation of the paperwork required for The Audit
There are those who think the audit is no big deal. They don't work in audited schools. They say things like "Well, you should be doing those things you're preparing for the audit anyway, if you're a good teacher!" Yeah, I say the same thing about KTIP, but the fact remains that gathering that evidence, justifying it and keeping it all in one place is still more than a normal, good teacher does on a daily basis.

We had to have six weeks work of lesson plans with the worksheets. No big deal, right? I totally do that anyway for my make up work. No, the hard part is finding out when you're finished with those lessons that they need the specific core content number on them. If you've never seen Kentucky Core Content 4.1 (that's it's name), it's a giant grid filled with skills and numbers for those skills. So we have to go back through our lesson plans and assign arbitrary skill labels to them like RD-09-1.0.5. To every single day. For six weeks. That's totally what normal, good teachers do every day, right?

I'm not saying you shouldn't teach with the core content in mind. You should. You should at least loosely adhere to the content so that you're not teaching random things or teaching something intended for the next year. No, the problem is having to go backwards and put those skill level labels on everything. Every lesson you do while the auditors are in the building need to have those numbers, too.

I also had to fill out a form justifying who I am and why I'm necessary at my school. Normal teachers totally do that all the time, right? Oh, and a resume, I need an updated resume in my binder. I need to fill out my professional growth plan and provide evidence that I'm on my way to achieving that plan.

Hey, fellow teachers, what's your role in developing your school's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, commonly called the CSIP here? I have to explain in detail what my role is, even though I never knew I had a role in making it before.

See, it's not the fact that we aren't good teachers. We do already do all of these things. The problem is getting together all of the evidence and justifying it to strangers. We've worked our collective butts off these last few months and tomorrow we're going to see how our work will pay off. We just have to make it until Friday.

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