Monday, January 31, 2011

Bettering Myself

Every year, teachers across the country are required to complete a certain amount of professional development, called PD. I generally spend most of the summer trying to find the quickest and easiest ways to get all of my hours. Of course, I always try to get the most out of whatever opportunities arise. This year? This year, I'm changing it up. I'm already planning my PD for the coming school year and I'm focusing on bettering myself.

First, I'm going to attend Advanced Placement training. I may not teach AP classes, and could very well not teach them for several years, if I am ever given the opportunity. However, attending AP training will help me develop new ways to include more rigorous coursework for my comprehensive kids. There's nothing wrong with having challenging coursework at any level. Who knows? Maybe my kids will enjoy the challenge!

My second choice of PD is to attend KTIP (Kentucky Teacher Internship Program) training to become a teacher educator, even on a small scale of helping one teacher at a time. Next school year will be my fourth as a teacher, so it's time I started passing on my experience in more than just this blog. Who knows? I might even learn a thing or two from the teachers I help.

In the past week, I've focused a lot on trying to make big changes in education reform. It's time I remembered that education isn't all about grandstanding and telling everyone what needs to be done. No, education is also about being the best teacher you can be and helping students and new teachers who need it. So that's my plan for this summer. I'm going to better myself as a teacher to help my kids even more.

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