Monday, December 13, 2010

The Trouble with Snow Days

I know I was doing a dance for this snow day yesterday. I know I had you do a dance for me. I'm starting to have my buyer's remorse now. As I wind down for the day, the reality has set in; we only have four days until the end of the grading period. School today? My kids really did need it. We'll need to cram two lessons into tomorrow.

Overall, I know the call to cancel school was the right one. There has been some major dissent on my Facebook feed today. I've mostly kept quiet when my friends joke on how today really didn't need a school cancellation. See, the problem wasn't the snow, as much as people thought it was. The snow was a factor, but not the main one. No, the real problem was the temperature. The windchill was 6 degrees today. Six! Some of my high school students don't even have coats. How where they going to wait for a bus at six in the morning with just a sweatshirt on with a windchill that low?

Of course, I don't have any insider information. I'm basing this purely on what I know of my students. As the day went on to the time when a delayed schedule would have started, it wasn't any warmer outside. The district made the right decision in cancelling school today. Even without bad roads, the temperature alone really was enough reason to not make children wait for the bus. This is Kentucky. We don't get that cold very often.

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