Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Snow Dance

I'm going to let you in on a secret that students are always shocked to discover. Teachers love snow days. Teachers love snow days so much.

I don't know if we'll have a snow day tomorrow. I'm doing my best snow dance and sleeping in my clothes to convince the Snow Gods that I must not have school tomorrow. Why? It's simple, really. If you woke up and found out you didn't have to go to work, how happy would you be? You'd be thrilled, right? Teachers aren't different.

I've actually had kids tell me on days when there was snow that we would have had a snow day, but the teachers union got together and insisted we have school. Oh really? Even if we had that kind of power, you think we were up at 4AM when that's decided just to spite you and make you come to school? No. No, children. As the Snow Day scroll runs across the screen of the television, there is only one thing louder and happier than the delighted screams of children who get to stay home. And that would be the teachers who don't have to go to work!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must continue my Snow Dance. Please join me. You put your hands over your head, kick your knees up and spin in a circle. While dancing, sing "I wanna snow day! I wanna snow day! I wanna snow day" while closing your eyes tight and imagining all of that fluffy white snow that will clog up the roadways.

For those from places that get actual snow, don't make fun of Kentucky. You see, we get every single type of extreme weather. We can't prepare completely for all of them! In a single year, we had the remnants of  a hurricane that knocked our city out for a week, an ice storm and then a flood that filled my house with four feet of water. We have so much to prepare for that we just try to do the minimal for all of them. Not only are we not prepared for snow, Kentuckians seem to forget how to handle a vehicle in such conditions. It really is best that we don't have school on these days.

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