Thursday, December 9, 2010


You know what's a great way to get kids to study and review test material? Games. Games are addicting to kids. We just finished reading The Odyssey, so tomorrow we'll be taking a test over it. Since we'll be taking a test, it's only fair for me to do a review. Now, I could do the "normal" review that other teachers use. See, they give the kids these packets of worksheets that they have to fill out and turn it. The kids generally end up copying them and then they really don't learn anything at all. But a game? During a game, they learn.

I won't pretend that I made this game. I'm not gifted enough in the skills of PowerPoint-making to create this. However, one of my coworkers stumbled upon it three years ago and we use it every year. It's Odyssey Jeopardy and it's awesome. I divide the kids into two groups and then we begin the game. Each team has a captain who is allowed to answer for their team. They have to wait until after I read the question, then if they know the answer, they are to stand up at their desk. I call on the first team to have someone standing and then the captain gets the answer. Whichever team wins gets extra credit points. They go nuts for those extra credit points. You don't even have to make it worth that many points.

My kids loved the game today. Not only that, now we have reviewed the entire plot of The Odyssey without re-reading or filling out any boring worksheets. See! Learning can be fun!

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