Friday, December 3, 2010

If I Ruled The School: Grade Division

If I ruled schooling practices, there are some changes I would make. One of changes I would make would be how we divide grades. I'm not sure who decided on the current structure we have or the reasoning for it. I just know how I would do it.

In our district, kindergarten through fifth grade are combined into one building for elementary school. From there, students move onto middle school with sixth through eighth grade in one building. Finally, ninth through twelfth grade students are put into high school together.

But if I ruled the school world? First, I wouldn't put kindergarten in with the bigger kids. I'd put kindergarten with pre-school. Whether or not you feel pre-school should be compulsory is your prerogative. My point is that five is too young to be in the same building with ten year olds. Speaking of those ten year olds? I would move fifth grade the middle school. Elementary school should be first through fourth grade.

Middle school would have the biggest chunk of kids instead of elementary school. In addition to adding fifth grade to middle school, that's where the ninth graders would be moving as well. Ninth graders are really too young and immature to be with the older high school students. High school, obviously, would consist of tenth through twelfth grade.

Any division of grades we choose are going to have disadvantages. There's no perfect answer. I just wonder if things aren't working now, why don't we think about making some drastic changes?

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  1. Ha, you should see Cambridge, MA: they have K-8s in one building. I don't know what the rationale was behind that, but it's a terrible idea in my book. It also makes the librarian's job that much harder because she's got to accommodate the needs of everyone from beginning to read to on-the-verge of teenagedom readers, both in the fiction and the non-fiction sections.


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