Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fake Stay at Home Mom

Aside from the desire to help children and further education, there's one thing that still remains a reason women are so attracted to the profession. For several weeks out of the year, you can pretend like you don't have a job and stay home with your kids. Between Winter Break and Spring Break, there are three weeks in the middle of the school year where teachers get time off to be home. When summer comes, you'll be home for a couple of months before you have to set foot in your school again.

Teaching as a new mother has always been something I enjoyed. I was guaranteed time off with my son a couple of months after he was born and still receive ample time off to create and maintain a bond with him. Teaching is like being half working mom and half stay at home mom. Well, that ratio really isn't correct. It's more like seventy five percent working and twenty five percent stay at home.

Because of this, it's difficult to feel like you fit in anywhere in the parenting world except with other teachers. "Real" working moms sometimes scoff when I mention my job and they bring up how much time I get off of work. And besides, they'll usually say, teaching really isn't that hard. If you've been reading this blog, you know why that's annoying. "Real" stay at home moms sometimes scoff at teachers because "at least you get some time outside of the house!" Yes, but it's not like I'm surrounded by wonderful adults to converse with. I escape the home to just be in charge of more children. And these children aren't mine!

When it comes time for me to have my largest stretch of stay-at-home-momdom, I still have problems fitting in with other moms, especially mom groups. I tried to get involved with local mom groups, but they don't want someone who can only be around for a couple months. Even if I tried to be involved during the school year, I have to go to somewhere between two and four events a month. With only Saturdays and Sundays to get most of the work at home completed, that's not really a feasible option.

Teachers exist in the area between working and stay at home parent. They aren't enough of either to fit in with either group, so we create our own teacher groups. I'd write more, but my toddler has decided it's dance party time. You can't say no to a dance party.

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  1. I'm a new blogger (and fellow waver of ducks!), and this entry really struck me. I came fairly close to getting a teaching degree, but then switched course. I want to have children someday and the corporate work schedule can be ruthless to working moms. But, I also thought of the whole "spend the day with someone else's kids, then come home to take care of your own kids" thing. Anyways, I enjoy your take on teaching! Kudos.


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