Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog Award

First, I wanted to start off by thanking the author of Dear Delilah Fine and Fair for passing on to me the Honest Scrap award! Her blog is a beautiful memoir filled with letters to her daughter. Now that I've received the award, I am to pass it along to five fellow bloggers.

1. Feminist Mom in Montreal is a blog written by, well, a feminist mother in Montreal! Her blog deals with all kinds of interesting things like politics, books and such. She also spends time discussing being a mother to her son.

2. Tiamat's Day is written by a fellow educator who teaches in Australia. The author teaches in a school with a challenging population and deals largely with English as a Second Language. This is a very eye opening read if you think America is the only place with troubled students.

3. How My Kids Kicks My Ass is exactly what it says in the title. The author is one of my very best friends who is raising her two sons in a small Canadian town. Her oldest son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum after being a 29 weeker preemie. Her second son was born full term despite the complications with her first pregnancy.

4. Books and Qi is another blog written by a very close friend. Her blog is to record her personal experiences as she goes through a Library Science program with the intention of becoming an acupuncturist.

5. The Perfect Housewife Project is a blog written by one more close friend. The author is a newlywed who is working to "attain domestic profection." The blog is filled with insights about her experiences in achieving the title of Perfect Housewife

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