Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sick Day

We've already established that I hate using a sub day. My son was sick all weekend and decided to share whatever he had with me. After lunch on Monday, I started to go downhill fast. The problem is that teachers don't really do half days. You either get the whole day or none of the day. Since It was already third period of the five periods we had, my options were to stay in the classroom while sick and get paid, convince some of my coworkers to babysit my remaining classes (thus giving up their planning periods) and get paid or call in a sub (wait until probably about 1pm for them to get there) and not get paid.  So I chose stay in the classroom and get paid. By fifth period, I was mostly regretting my decision.

Since I knew I was going to be out the following day, I went ahead and set up all of my sub work and set up my sub teacher for the day. I stayed home with my son and did what I always do on sick days. I kept track of the school day from home. I don't know if all teachers do this, but I just have a hard time missing work. I keep track of the periods as they start and keep track of what I would be doing at what time. It's sad, really. My next door neighbors have third and fourth period planning. It never fails. I call one of them and ask how my kids are doing. I called during third period today. Of course they were doing fine. I just hate having to leave them in the care of someone else. Listen to me. I sound like I'm their mother. Of course, I do the same thing when I leave my son with anyone. I think it's just part of feeling responsible for someone.

Another reason I wanted to check up on them today is because next week is Thanksgiving Break. We can't afford to get behind because I need them to take a certain test by the time we go on break. I'd hate to stretch it out over break and have them forget some of it over the five days we have off.

We'll see how the kids did when I check in tomorrow.

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