Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Find: American Rhetoric

This website is great for English and Social Studies teachers. The site, American Rhetoric, has a collection of famous speeches. This is very useful during persuasive units. Speeches are generally a part of persuasive writing in our district. The thing about speeches is they aren't really written to be read. They are written to be heard.

The website offers a wide variety of speeches, from older to speeches within the last decade. The more recent speeches almost always include a sound file with the actual speech. Instead of making your students read Kennedy's "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech, you can have them listen to it. In addition to famous political speeches, there are other files that interest students. One that really interests my students is a speech by Jessica Lynch regarding her time as a prisoner of war and rescue. There are also several famous movie speeches included on the website.

The website also provides the actual text to the speeches. I generally print out the text so that my students can follow along as we read. A lot of students have heard the same speeches over and over again throughout their school career. This website brings out hundreds more that you can utilize in your classroom.

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