Thursday, October 14, 2010

Overtime is for Conferences

It never fails. Every time Parent Teacher Conferences roll around, I usually see the parents I don't need to see. This year, I was fortunate enough to have two parents who I needed to meet with actually show up. A lot of times, I try calling, but no one picks up or calls back. This is the problem with first shift working teachers having third shift working parents. I'm getting up for work, they're going to bed. I'm getting off work, they're heading into work. We miss each other. Parent Teacher Conferences give us the opportunity to meet during the magical in between time. Or, it can give them the excuse to go into work late, or call off altogether, if their job permits such a luxury.

Two brilliant parents came in and became the new life line for their kids. "Here's my cell number. I keep it on me at all times. If you call at the end of the school day, I'll always be able to pick up," says one parent. "Here's my email. Email me with any problems you have," says the other. Excellent. Now I have the golden ticket to motivate these students to work, as they are both Mama Pleasers.

This year conferences were after school over two days. It's been a hellish two days. I've spent just under 24 hours in the school building over the last two days. I miss my son. It'd be selfish to keep him up past his bedtime and make him overtired just to spend time with him, so he already went to bed and passed out as soon as I put him there. It's okay, though. He'll get Mommy Time tomorrow and all weekend.

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